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How do I build a green deck?

Green can cause your opponants a lot of headaches. In my opinoin it is the most versitile colour of them all. It has the ability to come up with a quick kill or draw the game out. It can also produce and incredible amount of mana in a very short time allowing you to get out creatures with a hefty casting cost early in the game.

Green speed

Green speed is the easiest of all the speed decks to make as green has so many mana sources available to it that will allow you to pull out third round creatures in turn two. As for your spell selection you will want to go with cards like elvish fury, overrun, giant growth and so on. Building a fast green deck is as easy as pie.

Power green
Building a power green deck isn't much unlike building a speed green deck just bigger creatures. What you are wanting in a power green deck are creatures such as erhnam djinn, crash of rhinos, and neetletooth djinn to name a few. Givin greens mana production abilities a power green deck should run just a step slower than a type II black deck. The idea is simple get out your big pounders early in the game and just flat out run him over. As for spells you will need mana production capabilities, creature enhancers (giant growth, overrun, etc...) and some form or another of restoring the life you lost in the early goings of the game. This is not a hard deck to beat as a heavy early assault and some creature removal will do it in everytime. It is however a great deck to play. It's fun and a challenge.


Lock green
Making a green lock deck is very difficult especially in these times of mtg. A green lock deck is generally not the traditional style of lock deck, as it does not have counter spells, mana restriction capabilities, or the ability of steal your opponants creatures. I would suggest that you stay away from a green lock deck unless you are willing to add in another color or a heavy amount of artifacts. Green can be a great color to supplement a lock deck though.
Green as a second color
Using green as a second color is a great idea. The greatest atribute green has is it's mana ability. Putting four wild growths in a red deck can seriously up reds killing potential. The best deck I ever ran was a red/green erhnam and burn em'. Hitting your suq ata' lancer with a giant growth in the third round is a wonderous opportunity. Using rogue elephants in a white speed deck can cause some major problems for your opponant. Green has far too many cards that combine well with other colors to name them all.