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What does red do?
Red's best ability is the burn portion of this color. Direct damage is one of the most potent offenses in mtg. Red's creatures have never rivaled white's or green's but they are definatly good enough to get the job done. Red also has some great enchantments in it such as giant strength, heart of bogardan, and spellshock. It's color specific cards are unmatched. All this together makes red a very complete color.

That is what red does
Basic red burn

Your basic red burn deck consists of: Three cretures, first round casting cost second round, then a fourth round. It has six direct damge spells which can be aimed at either the player or his cretures such as lightning bolt, kindle, and incinerate. Then it caps off with an "x" damge spell. The idea is to protect your creatures by paving a way for them to attack with your burn. Once you have lowered your opponants life total to ten or lower you can finish him off with either an "x" damage spell or a combination of creatures and spells.

Creatureless red

This is the coolest of all decks to run. It has twent-two lands and fourty-eight spells in it. No creatures at all. Only direct damge spells and a few enchantments. The idea of this deck is simple, burn anything that comes on the board. Then when your opponants steam has run out burn him.

Land destruction

Red land destruction can be very fun to play. The object is not to destroy all of your opponants land as that would be extremely hard to do, but to limit his mana supply. You'll need cards like stone rain, pillage, or orchish mine. Creature selection for a land destruction deck is very difficult as you will not have as much direct damage as you have become accustomed to. You'll need to pick larger creatures because you are going to have a few creature battles. I wouldn't recommend putting in "x" damage spells in a land destruction deck because you will need to keep your mana available. Stick with incinerate or lightning bolt for direct damage.

Unaffected red

These decks can be very affective in nearly any game. What you do is only put in creatures that are unaffected by summoning sickness such as talruum minotaur, viashino sandstalker, or furnace spirit. Next add a couple of burn spells, and toss in a few blood lust's and you've got a pretty good deck