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Why should I play black?

Black can be most any type of deck you can imagin. It can be a speed creature, land destruction, hand destruction, graveyard manipulating, or any number of other deck types. It really has no one strength or one weakness. It's possibilities are endless.

  Black speed

Your black speed deck should basically consist of about twenty creatures, twelve creature removal spells, four mana producing spells, and four direct damage spells(i.e. drain life). In order to play this deck effectivly you will need to be aggresive yet patient at the same time. playing black speed is an art form when done correctly. None of your creatures should have casting costs higher than three. A casting cost of two is perfect in a black speed deck. Unlike red you can engage in a creature brawl with black speed. Don't be afraid to go head to head with someone when using a black speed deck.

Graveyard manipulation

Gravyard manipulation is a great way to aggrivate your opponant. The basic idea is to take creatures from either graveyard and put them into play under your control. Also using creatures such as gravebane zombie is a great advantage. You won't need as many creatures as you normally put in your deck because of the decks ability to recycle it's creature supply.

  Hand destruction

Hand destruction is a very intersting deck to play, because not only do you get to see what is in your opponants deck before it hits the board but you also get to look at his face when one of his decks key cards just went from his hand into his graveyard. Using cards like stupor and hymm to tourach will give you a heavy advantage over your opponant. You can also use cards like mindstab thrull and hypnotic specter. Both creatures have hand destruction capabilites. Your deck will need to be semi heavy in creatures with touches of creature removal and then have a heavy dose of hand destruction spells. There are also enchanments which can aid your hand destruction cause such as megrim and bottomless pit.

Creature black

Basically this is another varient of the black speed deck. It uses around twenty eight creatures andonly ten spells. the creatures you are going to want to pick are mostly second and a few third round creatures then in four very lardge black creatures. the spells you will want are four dark bansishing, four terror and two drain life. I would recommend this deck to anyone who hasn't played black before, and is wanting to learn how to.

  Black pump

Black pump decks are one of my all time favorite decks to play. Using cards like fetid horror and order of the ebon hand cause your opponant to think before he decides whether or not to block your attack and what to block with. It can also be a very fast deck to play. What you are going to do with a black pump deck is attack then wait until he decides what to block with and then figure out which creature you are going to "pump up". Pump decks are very versitle and can compete in almost any game. If you are playing a speed deck you don't have much to worry about because once you get a creature on the board most times it will slow him down immensly. If you are in a creature brawl your going to win as long as you have mana. With a deck like this you are going to want a little more mana than you usually put in a deck. Put around eight creature removal spells and a couple of graveyard manipulating spells. The rest is up to you.