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Blue. The hardest color in mtg to master.
Most people don't like playing blue, I am one of them. Blue is the most complexe color all to play. It is the weakest color of them all, yet it is the strongest at the same time. It's lack of decent creatures is quite frustrating. Although it's spells cannot be beat. Blue's ability to gain card advantage over its opponant is unrivaled. It also has the ability to stop your opponant dead in his tracks. If your opponant suspects you to have a counterspell in your hand, he will play very conservative. If he knows you have a counterspell in your hand he will stop whatever he is doing and adjust his gameplan.

Blue permission decks are great fun to play. Not fun to play against though. Typically a permission deck will have between two and eight creatures in it. The rest is card advantage spells and counterspells. In order to play blue permission effectivly you must be very patient and defend your creatures emphatically. It is always good to have some type of "bounce" spell in your deck. that way if you have run out of counterspells you can always "bounce" a card back to your opponants hand from the table. A great creature for permission decks was the man-o-war as it had the ability to "bounce" a creature back to its owners hand when it entered play. The primary offense of a permission deck is too counter most of what your opponant is trying to cast. The reason it is called a permission deck is because towards the end of the game your opponant should be asking you "May I have permission to cast this?"

Bounce decks have never been sure fire winning decks but they are fun to play. It uses cards like man-o-war, undo, capsize, boomerang, and snap. Most of the time they will have about eight to twelve counters in them and only about eight creatures. You would play this a lot like red burn, by clearing the path for your creatures to come through. these decks require heavy mana as any blue deck does. Because of the decks ability to bounce not only creatures but enchantments and land as well it makes it very hard to combat.