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So what's the big deal about white?
The answer to that is pure and simple. White just rules. Probably one of the oldest deck styles is still one of the best: white weenie. White has one of the widest creature types of any color, it has great flyers, large ground pounders, and quick second rounders that can cause a lot of damage really quickly. It has spells which are absolutly devasting that can turn a game around in the blink of an eye.

White weenie
White weenie has been rearanged over and over and over but still retains its original form. Somewhere between twenty and thirty creatures, four wrath of god or four armageddon mabye even two of both, and either some form of creature removal or damage prevention. White weenie doesn't need much mana to operate at full speed. You can generally get away with using between sixteen and twenty land, I wouldn't go much lower or higher than that. To play it well you need to be relentless. Don't stop just keep attacking and when the moment is right use your game breaker spell. Most white weenie decks will use some type or another of a game breaking spell. Be it balance, armageddon, wrath of god or something of the like.
White speed
I tend to stick to some form or another of speed decks. My style of white speed deck consists of sixteen creatures, eight creature removal spells, four armageddon, some type of card advanatge ability, some form of land advantage ability, and two wrath of god. this way I have the total package available to me. I can deal with any form of deck that comes my way. I protect my creatures fanatically, and eliminate any large creatures they may get on the board.
Token decks
White has this great card called sacred mesa. It has the ability to put out 1/1 flyers. You can do a lot with a card like this. You can make a lock deck using as many spells as you want and only the sacred mesa enchanment as creatures or you can add onto your white weenie deck with it. Token decks tend to rely on thier ability to make the opponants creatures useless. eventually overwhelming you opponant with sheer numbers. As you have maximum sixty creatures in your deck his are endless.