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Hello and welcome mtg junkies. I am not going to show you what the newest unstoppable type II deck is. I am not going to tell you the newest card combo. I am however going to teach you how to win. I have a small section on how to build decks, a few beginner decks, distractions during the game to throw your opponants concentration off, and some strategies to use during the game. I did not make this site for people who have been playing for three years and are well established players. I made this site for the new guy, who started playing last month so he could kick the crap out of well established players.

Why don't I like the type II enviroment?

This is an easy answer. Ever play a video game so much that it became all too easy for you to win. You tried everything making it harder on yourself to win by not picking up the really big gun or forfitting a down per offensive series. Well that is how I feal about the type II enviroment. It is so easy to win in type II is isn't even funny. Type1.5x is without a doubt in my mind the hardest enviroment out there to win in. That is why nobody likes to play it. It requires strategy, thinking, deckbuilding skills, and most of all intelligence. I just went and looked at all the new "decks to beat" in type II and saw numerous holes that could easily be taken advantage of. If you want respect in mtg as a player learn to play in type 1.5x.

Got a problem? Got a compliment? Got a question? Send them all in.

Last update was on 04-18-01



A few words of adivice for newer players

#1 Never go to the dojo.

It is a site for players who have no imagination and cannot come up with decks for themselves. All it does it breed clone players. The only reason I would ever suggest going there is too check and see what the competition is going to be using at your local tourny.

#2 Never count on anything

Don't ever count on this person having this card in his deck or that he will play this certain card in this situation. That is how good players lose games.

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