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Basic green decks

A few tips for playing green

Get your mana out early. Don't wait around until the fourth round to start casting wild growth or natures lore. If you get a couple of extra mana sources out early in the game you'll have a greater advantage going into the third and fourth rounds. Don't stop. If you have the advantage with green keep it up. Don't take a "breather" and cast more mana spells or lay down an unneccesary enchantment. Always use your creature enhancers early. If you can hit your rogue elephant witha giant growth in the second round you'll put a dent in your opponants life total that is not easy to replace. You might also make him put out a creature that he may not have wanted to just to block you from doing that twice. Hit him hard and do it early. Green's speed is meant to be used that way. Do whatever you can to him in the early goings of the game. If you can bring his life total down to about 10 by the fourth round you've all but won the game. It is very hard to recover from heavy amounts of early damage use it to your advantage.

Green card advantage
Land Forest=22

Creatures Mulatni's acolyte=4 Yavimaya granger=4 Acridan=4 Wall of blossoms=4 Neetletooth djinn=4

Spells Rancor=4 Repopulate=4 Reclaim=4 Giant growth=4

Artifacts Howling mine=2

Green creature deck

Creatures Rogue elephant=4 Pouncing jaguar=4 Acridan=4 Elvish archers=4 Jolrael's centaur=4 Uktabi efreet=4

Spells Wild growth=4 Overgrowth=4 Repopulate=4 Overrun=2

Green / White
Land Brushland=4 Reflecting pool=4 Plains=7 Forest=7

Creatures Green Jackalope herd=4 Pouncing jaguar=4 Elvish archers=4 White White knight=4

Spells Green Fertile ground=4 Sylvan library=2 White Armageddon=4 Wrath of god=4 Pacifism=4 Angelic renewal=4

Green / Red
Land Reflecting pool=4 Karpulsan forest=4 Undiscovered paradise=4 Forest=5 Mountains=5

Creatures Green Jolraels centaur=4 Erhnam djinn=4 Red Sug ata' lancer=4 Mogg fanatic=4

Spells Green Giant growth=4 Fog=4 Red Lightning bolt=4 Incinerate=4 Kindle=4

Artifacts Essence bottle=2

Green speed
Land Forest=20

Creatures Rogue elephant=4 Trained armadon=4 Llanowar sentinal=4 Llanowar elf=4 Rootwalla=4

Spells Wild growth=4 Giant growth=4 Overrun=4 Elvish fury=4 Nature's lore=4