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Basic red decks

A few tips for playing red

Save your burn. Just because you have direct damage in your hand and he has no creatures on the board doesn't mean you have to let it fly. Save you burn for his creatures, then when you have him down hit him with everything you've got. Don't leave anything on the board. Even the smallest creature can turn the tide of a game. If he has a 1/1 mogg fanatic on the board burn it. Don't let him one point you to death.Don't let yourself get caught in a creature battle. Red is not the greatest color to get into a slugfest with. Let your direct damage do the work for your creatures. Just because you have a talruum minotaur out and he has a white knight out doesn't mean you can off the knight by attacking with the minotaur. Kindle the knight and let the minotaur get through to him. Don't let blue intimidate you. Remember you probably have more direct damge than he has counters. Just keep playing as you normaly would and when he runs out of counters let everything you have fly.

Creatureless red
Land Mountains=22

Creatures None

Spells Lightning bolt=4 Kindle=4 Shock=4 Incinerate=4 Spitting earth=4 Fanning the flames=4 Fireball=4 Rolling thunder=4 Volcanic geyser=4 Flame wave=2

Patient burn
Land Mountains=22

Creatures Mogg fanatic=4 Suq ata' lancer=4 Storm shamen=4 Wildfire emissary=4

Spells Lightning bolt=4 Incinerate=4 Kindle=4 Shock=4 Fireblast=4 Rolling thunder=2

Land destruction
Land Mountains=22

Creatures Raging goblin=4 Suq ata' lancer=4 Talruum minotaur=4 Orcish settlers=2

Spells Stone rain=4 Pilliage=4 Fissure=4 Aftershock=4 Rolling thunder=4 Fireball=4

Unaffected red
Land Mountains=22

Creatures Raging goblin=4 Viashino bey=4 Suq ata' lancer=4 Viashino sandstalker=4

Spells Lightning bolt=4 Kindle=4 Shock=4 Incinerate=4 Fireblast=4 Rolling thunder=2

Goblin deck
Land Mountains=22

Creatures Goblin king=2 raging goblin=4 Goblin patrol=4 Goblin raider=4 Goblin digging team=4 Mons's goblin raiders=4 Goblin recruiter=4

SpellsGoblin shrine=4 Relentless assault=4 Fireball=4

Basic burn deck
Land Mountains=22

Creatures Mogg fanatic=4 Raging goblin=4 Cinder crawler=4 Balduvian barbarians=4 Sandstone warrior=4

Spells Kindle=4 Incinerate=4 Steam blast=4 Shock=4 Rolling thunder=2