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Black decks

A few tips for playing black

Let your creatures do the work Remember black has a lot of great creatures that can be pumped up or are already first strike and so forth. They can take out most of the creatures without having to use what little creature removal you have. Use your dark rituals early If it is possible try and use them somewhere around the second round or so. It is very hard to git rid of a second round shadow rider or a first round hypnotic spector. After the fifth round or so dark ritual loses a lot of it's impact. Save your creature removal for bigger cretures Instead of hitting his trained armadon with a terror kill it with your order of the ebon hand or a fallen askari. Save your terror for when he cast crashing rhino's or soemthing of the like. Black doesn't have to be a speed color. Black can be played in many ways. It can be used as a speed color somming up with fourth round kills, or it can be played with patience and calculation. With it's creatures pump abability a 2/1 knight of stromgald with a little mana can become a 6/1 first striker. You don't have to try and rush through a black game, you can take your time and see it through as long as you need to. Don't be afraid to make a sacrifice. If you have some sort of graveyard manipulation in your black deck you can get into a creature battle because you know that you will have reinforcements on the way. If he attacks with a vishino sandstalker don't be afraid to block with your carnophage and take the even trade. You can always bring the carnophage back in a couple of rounds, he cannot.

Black speed
Lands Swamps=22

Creatures Black knight=4 Order of the ebon hand=4 Knight of stromgald=4 Fallen askari=4

Spells Terror=4 Dark banishing=4 Diabolic edict=4 Dark ritual=4 Drain life=3 Disturbed burial=3

Hand distruction
Lands Swamps=22

Creatures Black knight=4 Fallen askari=4 Hypnotic spector=4

Spells Hymm to tourach=4 Stupor=4 Bottomless pit=3 Megrim=3 Terror=4 Drain life=4 Dark ritual=4

Black creature deck
Lands Swamps=22

Creatures Black knight=4 Order of the ebon hand=4 Knight of stromgald=4 Fallen askari=4 Nekrataal=4 Bone shredder=4 Pit spawn=4

Spells Phyrexian reclamation=2 Daunthi embrace=2 No mercy=2 Dark ritual=4

Black pump
Land Swamps=24

Creatures Order of the ebon hand=4 Frozen shade=4 Fetis horror=4 Darkling stalker=4

Spells Dark ritual=4 Drain life=4 Fevered convulsions=3 Disturbed burial=3 Crawlspace=3 Enineered plague=3

Black speed (2)
Land Swamps=22

Creatures Erg raiders=4 Black knight=4 Junun efreet=4 Hypnotic spector=4 Lim-dul's high guard=4

Spells Unearth=4 Death stroke=4 Terror=4 Dark banishing=4 Howling mine=2