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Blue decks

A few tips for playing blue

Don't try and counter everything. You don't have to counter every spell he casts. You have to learn to be patient and wait for the spells that matter to his deck. If he casts a mogg fanatic don't counter it, let your man-o-war take care of it. Don't get distracted. If you take your attention off the game when you are playing blue you are going to lose. Keep watch on what he is casting, don't let him slip a spellshock in there because you were gabbing to him. Figure out his deck. About halfway through the game you should have a pretty decent idea of what makes his deck tick. Keep looking though his graveyard and see what is in there and what he is casting. Try and figure out how many of what he has in his deck, and then counterspell his important cards. Don't forget your creatures. Remember you do have a few creatures in your deck and at some point they need to come out and get on the board. At some point ion the game ou are going to have to sacrifice some mana to get a creature or two out on the board, just make sure it is the right time. Bluff him. Don't let him see you with no cards in your hand. If he see's you with no cards in your hand he knows you are helpless and cannot counter anything he casts. If you have to keep a land in your hand at all times that way he will never see that you are totally defenseless.

Basic blue
Land Islands=22

creatures Man-o-war=4 Cloud elemental=4 Cloud spirit=4 Horseshoe crab=4

Spells Volrath's curse=4 Vanishing=4 Propaganda=4 Counterspell=4 Rewind=4 forbid=2

Blue deck
Land Islands=22

Creatures Man-o-war=4 Cloud spirit=4

Spells Capsize=4 Sift=4 Mystical tutor=2 Counterspell=4 Dismiss=4 Rewind=4 Mask of the mimic=4 Forbid=4

Bounce deck
Land Islands=22

Creatures Man-o-war=4 Cloud spirit=4

Spells Capsize=4 Boomerang=4 Snap=4 Reality ripple=4 Counterspell=4 Dissipate=4 Rewind=4 forbid=2

Big blue
Land Islands=22

Creatures Air elemental=4 Mahamoti djinn=4

Spells Volrath's curse=4 Contempt=4 Propaganda=4 Counterspell=4 Dissipate=4 Forbid=4 Rewind=4 Dismiss=2

Semi-lock deck
Land Islands=22

Creatures Rainbow efreet=4

Spells Treasure trove=2 Shimmer=4 Arcane labratory=2 Hesitation=4 Capsize=4 Sift=2 Propaganda=2 Counterspell=4 Forbid=4 Rewind=4 Dissipate=2