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White decks

A few tips on playing white

Speed kills. Try and establish an early advantage with white. When you have four creatures on the board in the fifth round it is quite hard to stop. Always keep reserves. Because most of whites creatures are easily destroyed due to their low toughness rating, it is wise to hold a few in your hand. You don't have to cast every creature in your hand just because you have it. Keep about two on the board that way when he destroys one you cast another the next round. Don't panic if your playing green. If you happen to play against a green speed deck while using your white weenie deck don't beat yourself by giving up. Just keep attacking and blocking in numbers until you have the creature advantage. Be cautious though because green has larger creatures for the same casting cost as yours and can inflict a quick pounding on you. Trick him into emptying his hand. Let yourself take a good bit of damage in the mid part of the game and let him think you have run out of creatures. Once you are pretty sure his hand is empty of creatures cast your wrath of god then throw down most of yours. White's low castin costs are perfect for this type of tactic.

Basic white weenie
Land Plains=20

Creatures White knight=4 Order of the white shield=4 Defender of law=4 Youthful knight=4 Tunda wolves=4 Savannah lions=4 Soul warden=4

Spells Empyrial armour=4 Armageddon=4 Wrath of god=2

White speed
Land Plains=22

Creatures White knight=4 Youthful knight=4 Defender of law=4 Benalish knight=4 Knight of dawn=4

Spells Land tax=2 Wrath of god=2 Armageddon=2 Pacifism=4 Crusade=4 Repentance=4

Big white
Land Plains=22

Creatures Serra angel=4 Wall of essence=4

Spells Pacifism=4 Repentance=4 Wrath of god=4 Armageddon=2 Crusade=4 Afterlife=4 Angelic renewal=4 Flickering ward=2 Hidden retreat=2