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Here are a few things you can do while siting at home bored:

The solo game

Playing MTG by yourself can be quite fun. First get the deck your are currently working on and then make a deck that really has no chance of winnign but has some very good obstacles in it. Things like walls, large creatures, lots of small creatures, permission decks, or a deck that is just very frustating to play against. Now just play both sides, and see how it works out. This will allow you to see what your decks weaknesses are as well as its strengths.

Your last loss

I have been blessed with having a pretty good memory. After I lost to someone I would go home and try my best to build the deck that he was using and play it again and again. This will generally let you know if it was his deck or if it was him that beat you.


Fishbowling your deck is probably one of the most common ways to test your deck. All you do is play your deck and act as if your opponant has no defense against anything you do. I do this exercise over and over and over when I get a deck to where I think it needs to be. If you fishbowl a deck fifteen times a night (about five minutes or so) you will beigin to learn the decks pattern.

Teaching the game to others

Teachign others how to play is one of the best ways to up your own level of play. It really is easy to find people who want to learn how to play. When you teach someone how to play make a deck that is very easy to beat. Use cards that you normally would not use and cards that you have never used. Everytime I have done this I have always found some new card that I like. Also when you teach someone to play it gives you more competition.

New competition

There are a number of ways to find new competition. Below are some really good ones. (at the local tourny) Next time you are at a tourny try and hook up with some of the people there, and see if they want to play soemtime during the week. This tactic offers quite a few things. Number one more than likely this guy plays with some of the people that beat you at the tourny and he can let you know how they play and what they look for in a good deck. Number two it is just good social behavior.


Spend time down at the boys club playing MTG with the kids down there. For one it is very rewarding, for two you just might learn something about the game. You can always find an after school tourny to go to.